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No Time to Exercise? Think Again.

Do you feel chained to your desk, spending most of the day staring at a computer screen while your body screams to break free and move? Do the pressures of life seem overwhelming and force you into telling yourself that you will find the time to exercise later? Maybe as each year passes you discover aches and pains that never existed before or when you look in the mirror your middle is bulging a bit more then you would like. Maybe you feel a lack of energy and sluggish as the day progresses. I urge you to read on.

Swimming Dragon QigongMy name is Franklin Fick. I have been a practitioner of Qigong and Traditional Chinese Martial Arts for over 20 years, I have over 15 years of teaching experience, and I have a degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Even with all the information, knowledge, and experience I have, I know what it's like to feel the overwhelming pressures of life.

Work and family can sometimes be very demanding and it is easy to justify putting off your exercise routine. To tell yourself that you will find the time to exercise later, but this magical time never seems to come. Life just keeps coming at us.

The solution is simple.

Today I am going to share with you an extremely easy to learn exercise called Swimming Dragon Qigong. It is a great way to energize the body and get the benefits of Qigong without having to exercise for hours and hours.

In minutes a day Swimming Dragon Qigong
  • Melts Stress Away
  • Boosts Energy
  • Works Every Joint in the Body
  • Benefits All the Internal Organs
  • Keeps the Spine Strong, Flexible, and Healthy
The best part is that this exercise is extremely easy to learn. There is only One Movement. This exercise doesn't take long to practice, so no matter how crazy your schedule is you can find the time to benefit from this incredible exercise. And, this exercise can be done while standing in place. It doesn't require any special area.

If you give your body the exercise that it needs, then you can operate in your peak performance state. This allows you to put 100% of yourself into your work and also into your family time. By staying fit and healthy you can accomplish more and also also get the most out of life.

Qigong Works

Qigong is exercise. But it is a little different from what most people think of as exercise. It doesn't require a gym membership or any special equipment. Qigong can be practiced anywhere and at anytime.

People usually remark that the movements of Qigong are flowing and graceful. These movements take the body through various ranges of motion and activate the flow of vital energy or Qi and also blood. Practicing Qigong regularly helps to keep the circulation of Qi and Blood flowing freely. Practicing Qigong helps enhance health and helps to ward off disease.

Swimming Dragon Qigong

Swimming Dragon Qigong
Swimming Dragon Qigong is extremely easy to learn. There is only one movement. It really is that simple. As you practice the body and the hands undulate back and forth like a Dragon Swimming. But, even though this one movement is not complicated at all - it takes the body through various ranges of motion that:
  • activate and move all the joints
  • keep all the joints strong and flexible
  • gently massage and stimulate all the internal organs
  • mobilize every part of the spine
  • keep the spine soft and subtle
  • regain and maintain flexibility
  • free up the circulation of Qi and Blood
Keeping the body strong, flexible, and mobile ensures that the circulation is free of blockages. With a free circulation of Qi and Blood, the body can effectively repair itself, maintain an optimal state of being, and build up health and strength over time.

Here is what you get.

When you download the Swimming Dragon Qigong Instructional Video Series here is what you get:

Video 1- Introduction to Swimming Dragon Qigong

Video 2- The Hand Movements

Video 3- The Body Movements

Video 4- Putting the Hand and Body Movements Together

Video 5- Follow Along

The Swimming Dragon Qigong videos are available to download in 3 different formats. This means that you have the convenience to learn and study when you want to and where ever you want to. 

Watch on your:

  • desktop computer
  • android device
  • ipod, ipad, or iphone

This means that the video lessons are available whenever you want them- wherever you are. Taking a break at work, or on your lunch break, or on a business trip, or when you just don't want to be bothered by booting up your computer. If you have your phone with you- you can make sure you are doing the movements correctly.

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